• Grade A: 

    • No broken items /Cracks or dents/.

    • Microscopic non visible scratches

    • Like new condition 

    • Comes with original accessories e.g Battery, Power adapter etc. 

  • Grade B: 

    • No broken items

    • Minor surface hairline scratches or dents (not more than 1mm) from normal wear and tear

    • Comes with original  accessories e.g Battery, Power adapter etc. 

  • Grade C: 

    • Minor breakage not affecting the physical functionality of the equipment.

    • Significant visible scratches or dent (1-3 mm), but which do not interfere with operation 

    • Where applicable, screens may have faint scratches not affecting normal use whatsoever.

    • Pressure marks on the screen that is barely noticeable to the user.

    • Minor scuffs or marks on the screen but not affecting normal use.

    • May have had security markings removed.

    • May have a slightly faulty latch.

    • Missing original accessories e.g Battery, Power adapter etc. 

  • Grade D: 

    • Deep scratches, broken parts like missing keys, other missing pieces.

    • Dents of more than 3mm.

    • May have cracks on plastic, usually around hinges.

    • May have major scuffs or scratches on the screen.

    • It may have cosmetic damages to the display bezel.

    • Hinge damage / Unable to open laptop display normally. 

  • Grade E :  

    • This computer or laptop would be damaged or faulty.

    • In Non Working condition.

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  • All quotations are based on the information supplied.

  • We reserve the right to re-quote if the information provided are inaccurate.


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